Andrew’s Story

Overcoming uncertainty and finding purpose through a supportive and empowering initiative.

Andrew shares his experiences and the positive differences that Oyateki projects can make.

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Andrew was uncertain about his future after high school, unsure of where he would end up and what he could pursue. He would tend to withdraw when overwhelmed with life’s stressors.

He was encouraged to enroll in the Building Intercultural Resilience Mentorship program (BIRM for short) at his high school. Once in the program, his outlook changed on just about everything. With the support of mentors and their coaching, he gained confidence in making life choices. Andrew now has the backing and support of the BIRM team and the tools to take on the challenges with much more clarity and strength.

The BIRM Project

The BIRM program connects post-secondary students with Indigenous high school students in partnership with Saskatoon Public Schools (SPS) and builds a community of care through a mentorship model. The program develops and supports students’ growth of skills related to intercultural competency, systems navigation, leadership, and academic skills. With it, students can demonstrate greater confidence and safety in transitioning to post-secondary.

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The Partnership’s vision is that positive projects for Indigenous youth, like BIRM, continue on and thrive in the future. With continued success, the understanding for system change will grow, and the awareness in working to create pathways toward self-determination for Indigenous youth will continue to increase. We can all join in developing this more harmonious way of being.

The work of transformation to create system change is a journey, and seeing the positive effects along the way take time. Join us in becoming ambassadors of the vision of the Oyateki Partnership! The efforts and results of Oyateki’s initiatives will contribute to a positive future for Indigenous generations to come.

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Oẏateki is a Dakota concept meaning all people together and leaving no people behind