Youth Advisory Circle

Indigenous youth support initiatives toward a positive future

The Youth Advisory Circle (YAC) for the Oyateki Partnership provide advice and recommendations on the policies, services and projects of the Partnership. As well, they help identify gaps and barriers that exist on journeys to education and employment for Indigenous youth and suggest solutions to improve them.


The Oyateki Partnership seeks to learn and gain support from the YAC members while empowering youth to take on leadership roles within the circle and in the community.

The objectives of Youth Advisory Circle are:

Youth Voice – Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in existing education and employment supports while representing the student body of each partner institution. Propose improvements and share perspective to the Oyateki Partnership. 

Leadership – facilitate dialogue between stakeholders, engage through events, develop Youth Network; facilitate and promote dialogue 

Mentorship – putting leadership into practice; engaging youth in the community

Cultural Engagement – learning and applying diverse cultural knowledge

Youth Development – creating more opportunities for youth led events, maintaining a presence in the community, advocating for the wellbeing ofIndigenous youth 


The council is lead by our Youth Advisor, Chante Speidel, as part of the Partnership’s Central Office support team.

Circle members are appointed by the Leadership Circle and are current, past or potential students of one of our partner institutes.

The Youth Network is open to Indigenous youth in Saskatchewan interested in supporting initiatives that create pathways to education, employment, and to live life in a good way.


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