Transformation and System Change

The Oyateki Partnership has a mission of creating  System Change to ultimately result in Mino Bimaadiziwin – “a good life”, in the Anishinaabe language, or Miyo Pimatsiwin in Plains Cree. It is a wholistic and Indigenized view of success – a meaningful livelihood, a fulfilling life, a life consistent with one’s traditions and values. As described on Mastercard Foundation’s Canadian EleV website, System Change is the “transforming of education, training and employment systems based on the direction of Indigenous youth and communities so that the systems value and incorporate Indigenous languages, cultures and worldviews, and support success for Indigenous youth.”1

This system change will come about from the transformation. It will take time to show the full intended affects – years, generations and the process will iterative.

The Partnership’s aim for system change is based on the guiding philosophy of its Learning Framework, – under development presently. Under this guidance through initiatives both large and small, change for an improved future for Indigenous youth can be realized. The Partnership’s Projects. demonstrate the actions and ways that change can come about.

Transformation and System Change are at the core of the Mastercard Foundation EleV’s vision.  As one of the Foundation’s EleV Partners across Canada, Oyateki Partnership will positively support Indigenous youth toward miyo pimatsiwin through improved pathways to post-secondary education and employment.

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