Trinity’s Story

Uncovering personal strengths and exploring new approaches on the way to financial independence.

Trinity tells how her determination combined with an exceptional program led to a new and rewarding journey.

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Trinity grew up understanding that financial constraints might limit her opportunities in life. Despite her ambition to achieve more post-high school, she was aware that a lack of funds for anything beyond the essentials could hold back those dreams.

Determined not to let the circumstances be a roadblock to her future ambitions, Trinity’s path took a significant turn when she learned of the pawacikewikamik: Innovation Collective. This initiative provided her with the perfect opportunity to start on a new journey. Her entrepreneurial spirit found a supportive environment to thrive in, and the prospect of earning a MicroGrant served as extra motivation. Trinity shares (0:51) how her perseverance to overcome challenges led her to a fulfilling new chapter .

pawacikewikamik: Innovation Collective and MicroGrants

SIIT’s pawâcikêwikamik (‘a lodge supporting those who dream’) Innovation Collective is dedicated to empowering grassroots Indigenous entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan. With a focus on supporting, educating, and mentoring Indigenous peoples, pawâcikêwikamik provides access to cutting-edge technologies and training to support the creation of successful start-ups. To complement the experience, the learning takes place in a space that emphasizes culture, language, kinship, and connection. The goals are to strengthen the support systems for Indigenous entrepreneurs and innovators in Saskatchewan by increasing equitable access to capital, mentorship and networks. As well, pawâcikêwikamik has technological infrastructure investments to support their innovation.

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The Partnership’s vision is that positive projects for Indigenous youth, like BIRM, continue on and thrive in the future. With continued success, the understanding for system change will grow, and the awareness in working to create pathways toward self-determination for Indigenous youth will continue to increase. We can all join in developing this more harmonious way of being.

The work of transformation to create system change is a journey, and seeing the positive effects along the way take time. Join us in becoming ambassadors of the vision of the Oyateki Partnership! The efforts and results of Oyateki’s initiatives will contribute to a positive future for Indigenous generations to come.

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Oẏateki is a Dakota concept meaning all people together and leaving no people behind